①General Japanese
②Business Japanese for SE
④雑談名人 Chitchat in Japanese

Welcome to Nihongo e-Learning page.

ここには,だれでも自由に使える日本語学習コースがあります。 ①一般的な日本語コースと,②SE(システムエンジニア)のためのビジネス日本語コースに分かれていますが,どれもモジュール式で,初級のはじめから順番に学ぶレッスンではありません。少し,または,たくさん日本語を勉強した方で,いつもとちょっと違う教材で学びたい方は,ぜひ使ってみてください。
Here you find several e-Learning courseware for Japanese Language which anyone can access via Internet. Each course fits into one of the followings: (1) general Japanese, (2) business Japanese for the system engineers.
As they employ module-based design, they are not arranged from the beginning to the advanced. Those who have learned some or much Japanese, feel free to try the lessons provided here and enjoy learning Japanese with a bit "different" materials.